Travis Rapp

About me

I was invited to participate in the inaugural walkathon of Cord New York last year.  That is when I got to really know what CORD was about and the amazing work that they had done in India. I was very inspired to join this great organization where people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity had come together for this cause.  I have had the privilege of knowing many people from India and their great culture.  I truly want to do something for the people in rural villages in India who still struggle to make ends meet.  Participating in this walkathon is my way of contributing to this cause.

About CORD

Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) has impacted close to 700 remote villages in India and Sri Lanka over the last 25 years by providing sustainable solutions to poverty and unemployment as opposed to charitable giving. CORD has provided income generation activities for 13,000 underprivileged villagers and created several programs that have impacted around 50,000 people directly and 500,000 indirectly. These activities have immensely helped alleviate multiple afflictions in the lives of the poorest of villagers such as ill-health, lack of education etc., which locks them into permanent cycles of poverty and deprivation.

The national director of CORD Dr. Kshama Metre, a pediatrician by profession, left her flourishing practice in Delhi to serve in the tribal villages. Given her dedication and the tremendous success of CORD in rural development, Dr. Kshama Metre was awarded the Nation’s highest award, Padma Shree, by the President of India in 2008.

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