Impact of CORD

  • The impact of CORD has been on every aspect of rural development. CORD has provided income generation activities for 13,000 underprivileged men and women, strengthened 222 local self-governance units where people are taught self- governance.
  • CORD has also started 563 women’s groups which have over 22,000 participating members, 220 youth and male groups, 1490 self-help groups, and adolescent girls’ group with 10,300 members. The organization has also implemented natural resource management programs, which have reduced water scarcity.
  • In many instances people with disabilities in the villages are disowned by their families and do not receive treatment or care. CORD has created a unique community-based disability program for their treatment as well as inclusion in the mainstream society. There are over 450 people with disabilities currently assisted by CORD.
  • Legal issues in India can take several years to resolve and the villagers, being intimidated by the daunting police, avoid taking any legal route and instead put up with injustice. CORD has made a breakthrough with their Legal Cell. Police now visit the CORD site in order to provide a less intimidating environment where villagers can freely express themselves and lodge their complaints and the CORD lawyers provide advice. CORD also facilitates a fast-track process if cases have to go to court, offers legal aid and has resolved over 365 cases.
  • CORD was the first organization to start micro-financing in India which became extremely successful. The apex bank for rural India – National Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) mandated that the bank managers be trained in CORD on self- help groups and micro financing. In total around 30,000 people have been trained so far in self-help groups, micro-financing and rural development


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