Gayathri Narayan

About me

I have been associated with CORD for over twelve years, dating back to when I still lived in India and have spent weeks in the villages of India working with CORD both in the North and the South. The entire leadership team at CORD is completely self-motivated and extremely humble. They are solely driven by their passion towards rural development and public service. Many of the senior leaders have given up flourishing practices in medical, legal and other fields to make a tangible impact in the world. They have become my role models and watching them work has truly inspired me to be humble, self- motivated and passionate about my work.


Why I am raising funds for CORD

Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) has impacted close to 700 remote villages in India over the last 25 years by providing sustainable solutions to poverty and unemployment as opposed to charitable giving. CORD has provided income generation activities for 13,000 underprivileged villagers and created several programs that have impacted around 50,000 people directly and 500,000 indirectly. These activities have immensely helped alleviate multiple afflictions in the lives of the poorest of villagers such as ill-health, lack of education etc., which locks them into permanent cycles of poverty and deprivation.

The national director of CORD Dr. Kshama Metre, a pediatrician by profession, left her flourishing practice in Delhi to serve in the tribal villages. Given her dedication and the tremendous success of CORD in rural development, Dr. Kshama Metre was awarded the Nation’s highest award, Padma Shree, by the President of India in 2008. She recently also won the Guardian International Development Award in London and is truly a selfless and dedicated leader.

My goal is to raise $5,000 and I will be matching $4000.  Please help me light up villages in Orissa through renewable energy!