Advisory Board

Dr. Kshama Metre

Dr Kshama Metre is the founder and national director of CORD in India. CORD was initiated in Sidhbari in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, and currently covers over 550 villages in Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Dr Kshama Metre – a pediatrician by profession, left a flourishing  practice in New Delhi to work as a doctor in rural primary healthcare services after being inspired by world renowned Sw. Chinmayananda. Her development work began in 1985 in Sidbhari, Himachal Pradesh with mother and child health services. Soon with input and feedback from the community, forward and backward linkages were built based on their needs. As a result, an integrated rural development model emerged which was successful and could be replicated with local modifications. Most important, this participatory development model empowered the community to be self respecting and self reliant. In all of Dr Metre’s work emphasis is placed on issues such as gender discrimination, HIV/AIDS and alcohol abuse awareness and treatment of alcoholics.

Awards and Recognitions
Dr Kshama Metre has won several awards and recognitions for her contribution to the society

• Won the 2012 Guardian International Development Achievement Award (UK’s highest development award).

• Padma Shri Award given by the President of India in 2008 for Social Services.

• Nina Sibal Award in 2006 for inclusion of persons with different abilities.

• Nominated as a member of the 11th Planning Commission (Primary Health Care), Govt. of India, for the period 2007 to 2012.

• Sadguru Ganananda Award in 2005 for excellence in Social Service

• Featured in “Prophets of India” in 2004

• National Women Commission Award for Women Empowerment in 2002

• Nominated for “Women of the Year” by Week Magazine in 1993


Subha Pathial

Mrs. Subha Pathial has a masters in electrical engineering and computer science from Univ. Wisconsin.  Having worked at Intel in various capacity she has extensive experience in the software industry. She was always interested in the humanitarianism work but having a job required her to be onsite. In 2009 she decided to take sometime off and visited CORD sites and was convinced she wanted to do it full-time. Currently her work as a chief Technology and Operations officer at at a medical clinic, allows her to follow her passion and do much of the needed work for CORD.
She is currently one of the Board of Directors of CORDUSA, and Juliettes House, the child abuse prevention center.