Stride To Provide – Walkathon | Stretch to Reach Out – Yogathon

With great joy and gratitude we would like to inform you that since 2012, we have been able to raise around $75,000 from the CORDUSA – NY Chapter walkathon (2012, 2013) / Yogathon (2014) held in New York City!!! This money will help provide several villages in India for their critical needs. We would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing, supporting and walking for the rural Indian sub-continent.

Over the last few years, a number of us have had the amazing opportunity to work with CORDUSA. We have seen how the organization has helped women start businesses so that they can empower themselves and their children, we have seen men who suffered from work injuries get surgery so that they can go back to work and support their family, we have seen businesses set up by the disabled so that they can sell their art all over the world, but most importantly, the workers of CORD come up with innovative solutions that provide long term rescue and empowerment to the people they serve.

The money that you have donated is not going as a handout to an underprivileged individual. Your money is going to provide a sustainable long term solution for rural upliftment so that soon these men, women and children don’t need us anymore.


Every step matters, every dollar counts, every person makes a difference!