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Presidents visit

Former Indian President Kalam visits CORD orphanage

Mat creation in CORD Sri Lanka

Mat creation in CORD Sri Lanka

Healthcare facility at CORD

Healthcare facility at CORD


About Us

A Behind example ankor example text  лац2 typical rural village faces several social and economic issues including unemployment, water scarcity and poverty, domestic violence, rampant alcoholism, rape, gender discrimination, female feticide, illiteracy to name a few. CORD’s highly successful rural development methodology is based on active participation where it trains and empowers the villagers instead of charitable giving. CORD is a bond of Love and Understanding, encouraging a process of sharing which enriches both the giver and the receiver.

CORDUSA is a secular, non-profit organization that strives to facilitate sustainable social help programs in local communities and in the Indian subcontinent through processes of self-empowerment and enrichment. It is an affiliation of CORD and has several branches across USA. Present in 700 villages in India and Sri Lanka, CORD has developed programs  around Child and Maternal Health, Income Generation, Micro-financing, Education, Treatment of Differently Abled, Providing Social Justice, Women’s Leadership, etc.  CORD’s programs have a deep impact; touching the lives of half a million villagers directly or indirectly across 4 states in the Indian Sub-Continent.

Some examples of this impact are:

–    30,000 people have been trained on self- help groups and micro financing

–    24,000 women in ‘Mahila Mandals’ and Self Help Groups facilitating income generation and micro-credits

–    Nearly 10,000 beneficiaries in the Farm and Allied Sector

–    Almost 7,000 disabled patients treated annually

–    Resolved 450 social injustice legal cases

We are the New York chapter of CORDUSA. The mission of the New York Chapter of CORD is to raise funds for India and support local community events here in New York.  We thank for you contributions and look forward to your continued support in the future.

For further details about CORDUSA, please visit the CORD USA website “

Watch more CORD videos on our Youtube Channel!